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Hora prima

IGT Veneto Orientale2022

An important white
wine that has structure,
strength and verticality.
It is the perfect wine to
transmit the character
of the territory.

Hora Prima is obtained from Chardonnay (60%), Tai (35%) and Sauvignon (5%).

The grapes are harvested manually and pressed as soon as they arrive at the cellar. A lot of attention is given to this operation. The must is extracted using a horizontal pneumatic press, in which the pressure is applied gradually to ensure that the must extracted does not have herbaceous characteristics.

In order to separate the juice from the deposits of the must (which might give the wine unpleasant characteristics) it is placed in small tanks at a controlled temperature. As soon as the fermentation starts the Chardonnay is placed in 500 lt French oak Tonneaux, the Tai and Sauvignon continue the fermentation in stainless steel tanks.

During the winter the wine is tasted weekly to decide whether it must undergo batonnage (agitation of the lees) or not. This involves stirring the noble lees with a steel pole, putting them in suspension to “feed” the wine. The maturation in tonneaux allows the wine to feed off the lees and to stabilize, deposit the lees, become purer, richer and rounder. This process gives the wine an impression of sweetness, enhancing its aromas and richness. We pay great attention when choosing the oak tonneaux that add the aromatic component to the bouquet without being too intrusive. After the aging the wines are blended together in a stainless-steel tank in order to brighten the wine before bottling.

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Prizes and recognitions
95 pt
92 pt
Previous years
95 pt
97 pt
91 pt
94 pt
89 pt
92 pt
88 pt
93 pt
90 pt
84 pt
89 pt
88 pt
87 pt
Grape varieties

Chardonnay 60%,
Tai 35%,
Sauvignon 5%

Serving Temperature
14 °C

Growing system

with 6.000
vines per ha


Chardonnay in French oak
tonneaux of 500 litres.
Tai and Sauvignon in stainless steel tanks

Chardonnay 12 months in 500 litres
French oak tonneaux with weekly batonage.
Tai and Sauvignon in stainless steel tanks


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