An old homestead, in Eastern Veneto, rises in a
natural frame from where you can admire scenic
vineyards, the heart of Mosole, and the impeccable
2 cellar.
The attention towards the quality, the control
and the choice of innovative oenological principles
and technology characterize every step of the
winemaking. Every wine follows its course in fine tanks,
where we understand the potential of the vineyards and
how to enhance its greatest strength and character.
The cozy tavern is the ideal place to follow the story of
every wine, from the maturation to the tasting.

the dream and
vocation of the man
that for 32 harvests
has carried out
his aspiration


Mosole is the dream and vocation
of Lucio Mosole that for
32 harvests has carried out
his aspiration to make wine
in his territory with
tenacity and determination.

Barely 50 km from Venice, along the
wine route towards Friuli, among the
plains that stretch to the horizon,
canals, paths, woods lost in the mist
which form a natural frame to the
early-century mansions where the
legacy of the Doges still echoes and where
there are still many traces of the Roman era,
there is an old homestead from where you
can gaze out over 30 hectares of vineyards.
Here, thanks to the unique soil and special
microclimate, the wines express the tenacity
and personality of the man and teach us that
to be able to reach distant results we must
never give up.

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