The Heart of Mosole
The old homestead, in the Venetian hinterland,
and its modernly equipped cellar from
where you can gaze out over 30
hectares of vineyards.
Here, where unique soil and special
microclimate are the ingredients
for an inviting story where man
and nature blend to perfection.

An itinerary through Venice, its hinterland and wines to make you enjoy the magic of everyday life, the beauty in the details and the pleasure of the journey. A pleasant way to discover and admire how our wines are born, the growing process and the vinification, followed by a pleasant wine tasting via the sense of sight, smell and taste.

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Tenuta Mosole

Medaglia d'Oro per Ad Nonam Merlot 2015

Hora Prima 2016 ottiene le prestigiose 4 viti nella guida Vitae 2019

Hora Prima, Eleo e Ad Nonam riconfermati nella guida Vini d'Italia 2019

Ottimi riconoscimenti per i vini Mosole nell'annuario I Migliori Vini Italiani di Luca Maroni

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