Venice is not only a
DOC, but a land with
an important inheritance
in which the lagoon,
the hinterland,
the flow of water and the
plain dictate the unique

As we were taught by the Romans and through the era of the Venetian Republic with the Doges, wine is born in the plain, and it is here, with less generous and less productive soil, and with good water supply, where clay is the main component, that the alchemy is formed. The wines are therefore never dull, they impress with grit and character.

The soil, a result of several ancient floods, is characterized by a balanced organic material that is rich of mineral elements especially potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is composed of a thin layer of “caranto” (calcium carbonate), and a more substantial layer of clay. The clay and the calcareous component give the wines strength, enhancing the fruit, minerality and expression.

These components give the wines strength, enhancing the fruit, minerality and expression. A perfect equilibrium. The territory is the genetic inheritance, the base of all great wines. It allows the various varietals to mature developing the perfect equilibrium between sugar, acidity, aromas and tannins.

Furthermore, due to the proximity of the sea, the presence of the lagoon areas
and the broad plains, the climate is “temperate” and facilitates the exposure
of the vineyards to the winds of the area. The “Bora”, a cool dry wind, blows
from the northeast and the “Scirocco”, a warm and humid wind blows
frequently from the southeast all year round. The presence of the winds, mainly
in the evenings, lowers the temperatures at night, exaggerating the temperature
range between night and day and facilitating the development of phenolic
compounds and the structure of the wines.

Venice, its hinterland and its plains
are places for which Mosole is the
spokesperson with an intimate and
considered style, strong and recognizable.
Like the wines, that can be enjoyed even
in a frenetic day in which a glass
can stop time so that we can enjoy the
magic of everyday life, the beauty is in the
details and the pleasure of the journey.

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