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Ad Nonam


Powerful, fine, noble, like
its variety Merlot.
Ad Nonam pays tribute to
the territory. It is the ninth
milestone, between the cities
of Oderzo (Opitergium)
and Concordia Sagittaria
(Julia Concordia), that
gave life to Annone Veneto
and celebrates a location
used by the Romans for the
changing of their horses.

Three of our 30 hectares of vines are dedicated
to the production of Merlot Ad Nonam, which
comes from the oldest blocks, vinified separately.

What makes Merlot Ad Nonam a unique wine
is the very rich clay soil in which Merlot finds
its maximum expression (just think of Pomerol).
The result is a wine that is powerful, with velvety
tannins, expressive aromas and the complexity
of great wines.

In the vineyards all the phenological phases are
followed regularly and the ripening of the grapes
is monitored closely. The must remains in cement
tanks until the end of the fermentation (in November
and December). Thereafter the wine is placed in
French oak barriques, situated in our underground
cellar, for about 24 months.

We prefer using wood from several cooperages with
different toasting so that we don’t have a single
dominant note in the wine. The aging in barriques
must help the wine to express itself, respect its tannic
structure and not overwhelm it.

The intention is not to make the same wine each year,
but to make the best Merlot Ad Nonam combining
elegance, fineness and balance.

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Prizes and recognitions
90 pt
86 pt
Previous years
91 pt
86 pt
90 pt
86 pt
88 pt
87 pt
90 pt
89 pt
89 pt
89 pt
90 pt
88 pt
Grape varieties

Merlot 100%

Serving Temperature
18 °C

Growing system

with 6.500
vines per ha


In cement tanks at a
controlled temperature
between 30° and 32° C.
Malolactic fermentation
is completed in French oak

In French oak barriques
of 225 litres
for 24 months

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