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Ad Nonam Passito

IGT Veneto2020

Ad Nonam Passito is the result
of choosing the finest grapes
and leaving them to dry until
the end of November.
The resulting wine has a perfect
balance between sugars, alcohol
and acidity and gives the palate
an explosion of citrus and
dry fruit.

After nearly a decade of experimentation to make a sweet wine, together with Gianni Menotti, we got the idea to try natural drying in crates, instead of the artificial dehydration. 2010 was the first harvest.

To be able to reach a sugar level far beyond that reached by ripening on the vine, we harvest only the finest grapes which are then gently placed in the crates avoiding stacking them on top of each other. The crates are place under a porch facing

South – West. The natural process of dehydration, that leads to a higher concentration of sugars, starts immediately. The objective is to obtain a must that has about 380g of sugar per liter. Naturally, with this type of drying there is the risk of losing some of the grapes. This process lasts until the end of November, giving the grapes a colour that can vary from yellow to gold to bronze. In some years there could be the formation of botrytis (or Noble Rot) that gives the wine a very high level of complexity. The loss of weight is very important, the result being a yield of about 25%.

Taking into consideration the fragility and consistency of the grapes, they are pressed delicately, obtaining a dense must. Due to the low temperatures of the season, the must is gently warmed to a temperature of about 20°/22° C to start fermentation, which takes place in French oak barriques. When the alcohol level reaches 12° and the residual sugar is between 180g/l and 200g/l the fermentation is stopped by cooling the wine.

Ad Nonam Passito is aged for 18 months in barriques. During this period it is constantly checked and tasted. Only once the maturation is deemed suitable will we proceed with the bottling.

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Prizes and recognitions
95 pt
92 pt
96 pt
Previous years
90 pt
89 pt
91 pt
90 pt
91 pt
89 pt
90 pt
90 pt
90 pt
90 pt
89 pt
Grape varieties

A blend of white grapes

Serving Temperature
14 °C

Growing system

with 6.000 vines per ha


Takes place in French oak
barriques of 225 liters
for several months, until
it reaches a perfect balance
between alcohol, sweetness,
acidity and hints of fruit

In French oak barriques
of 225 litres for 18 months,
and six months in the bottle

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